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Welcome to PIXIXOXO

Our primary concern is customer satisfaction. From researching and sourcing the latest fashion trends and luxurious lingerie worldwide right down to the parcels delivered to your door, we pour our hearts into providing our valued customers with the exceptional products and service they deserve. Our dream is to stand out from the crowd of online stores and take our customer service to the next level by offering our customers with the most personalised online shopping experience around. If there is a product you have found on another website that is not affordable for you, or a picture of a product that you cannot find to buy please contact us via email at At PIXIXOXO we may be able to source products on request and it would be our absolute pleasure to do business with you.

Our founder is a bit of a feminist and an absolute free spirit, she believes in fact that women are far superior beings. We create life, we are able to multi task, we’re prettier, more patient, loving, soft however still powerful, more logical yet still creative and innovative. Every thing we touch we amplify and improve. She feels that women are ethereal beings and her desire is to empower women to embrace their magic. At PIXIXOXO our mission is to instil each and every woman that passes through our website with these views and beliefs, we want you to feel powerful, independent, beautiful, playful, sexy and stunning. Our goal is to provide you with lingerie, fashion, body and beauty products that will help you to express yourself, that make you feel good about yourself and happy within. We want to help you get to know yourself and embark on a journey to love and care for yourself the way you deserve. We think it’s about time you learned how to spoil yourself and we are here to help you do exactly that (plus we are secretly online shopping addicts and decided that there would be no better way to get our fix than to make it a part of our everyday lives).  Let your inner Queen Bey or Iggy out!


The PIXIXOXO brand has a lot of exciting things to come so that we may provide you with even more outstanding service and products. The plans to grow our range are massive and the mission is to provide women with that magic to have fun and feel playful, yet still feel powerful and sexy all the while looking stunning in their own right. As a newborn brand, we understand that there are many ways in which we can grow and improve and we welcome any and all feedback. We urge you to contact us with requests and suggestions on ways we can provide you with the perfect experience. Please email us at, also don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE our page!!!


Lots of love, XOXO